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Cold Weather Advisement

Parents, just a reminder to make sure your children are dressed warmly due to the fall temperatures. Also if you need to notify the School secretaries of any changes for your childs destination after school please try to call by at least 2:00 pm so transportation can be made aware of the changes. Lastly, please make sure there is someone home when there is an early dismissal. We will send out a school messenger notice to your phone for any early dismissals.

Contact the School secretaries to make sure they have your correct phone number for "School Messenger" notifications. High School (605) 384-3095, Elementary School( 605) 384-4021.

*NEWS* Live Streaming

This year we will be live streaming as many events as possible so you the parents and fans don't miss your children participating in extra-curricular activities. All Live Streams and Archieves can be found at marty.liveticket.tv

Upcoming Events


02-12-19 Parent Involvement Activity "Basketball is Life". Supper will be served. DH vs. Freeman @ 6:15

02-14-19 “Valentine’s Day”. PTC 1:00 – 4:00. 12:30 Student Dismissal. DH vs. Colome at 6:30

02-15-19 NO SCHOOL “TODD ZEPHIER DAY”. JHBB vs. Colome at 4:00

02-16-19 HSBB Great Plains Conference


02-21-19 HSBB vs. Crazy Horse at 4:30

02-18-19, 02-19-19, 02-22-19 Girls Regions

02-23-19 JHBB Avon Tournament at 8:00, leaving at 7:00 a.m.

02-25-19 JHBB vs. Wagner at 4:00, leaving at 3:00

02-25-19, 02-26-19 & 03-01-19 Boys Regions


Marty Indian School Mission Statement:

The mission of Marty Indian School, in partnership with the Yankton Sioux Tribe and its communities, is to offer a safe, supportive environment, in which to provide intellectual, social and cultural values requisite to prepare our students for the challenges of a multi-cultural lifestyle, and to imbue students with self-discipline as well as respect for themselves and others.

 Marty Indian School Philosophy:

 Marty Indian School is a tribally-controlled school, administered and managed by tribal members, which exsists primarily to benefit and serve the students and local communities through a comprehensive, quality education provided in a drug and alcohol free environment.

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