09-22-14   “Homecoming” Week at MIS

Up coming health events, MIS
October 1st and 2nd-- General Health Screenings K-12
November School Flu shots, K-12 (Date to be determined)
November- (date to be determined) Circle of smiles ages 0-9

Home of the Braves


MIS Upcoming Events


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Marty Indian School Mission Statement:

The mission of Marty Indian School, in partnership with the Yankton Sioux Tribe and its communities, is to offer a safe, supportive environment, in which to provide intellectual, social and cultural values requisite to prepare our students for the challenges of a multi-cultural lifestyle, and to imbue students with self-discipline as well as respect for themselves and others.

 Marty Indian School Philosophy:

 Marty Indian School is a tribally-controlled school, administered and managed by tribal members, which exsists primarily to benefit and serve the students and local communities through a comprehensive, quality education provided in a drug and alcohol free environment.