Welcome to the Elementary School!!

Principal ~ Gina Curran

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The elementary school serves students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade. In addition to the traditional classroom experience, students participate in physical education, art, music, Native American language and Culture, and Gifted & Talented. Special Education is available to those students who qualify for services and Title I serves all students in the district. 

Attendance is emphasized in the elementary school and students who maintain perfect attendance are recognized for their accomplishments.


Elementary Building Staff

Principal                                                           Gina Curran

Secretary                                                          Ellen Ashes

Math Coach                                                     Dave Guericke

Kindergarten                                                   Sarah Dion

First Grade                                                      Tony Garcia Jr.

Second Grade                                                  Park Goetsch

Third Grade                                                    Peggy Jakopak

Fourth Grade                                                  Debra Holloway

Fifth Grade                                                      Gloria Lakota

Special Education Teacher                            Rachael Arpan

Home School Coordinator/Truancy              Ida Brown

K-5 Interventionist                                         Shirley Twedt

Counselor                                                        Tiffany Browder

Paraproffesional                                             Paulita Drapeau

Speech                                                             Mike Krumm

Nurse                                                               Andrea Archambeau

Custodian                                                        Larry Weddell



Elementary NewsLetters

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